Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Pro wrestling superfan Izzy took a chokeslam in 2019 and that caused a bit of controversy. Izzy’s father, Cody Starbuck, apparently holds a grudge against wrestlers who didn’t appreciate this spot.

Reports have emerged that Starbuck was responsible for sabotaging MSK’s babyface run in NXT. His is blamed for turning the crowd against them and bringing so many boos. It seemed that Lince Dorado was also his target.

After Cody sent out a passive aggressive tweet to wish Lince Dorado the best in his future endeavors, the now former WWE Superstar had something to say about it.

Don’t worry fam, I see you. @Cody_Starbuck soon. I’ll be at #silverspursarena today at 4 after my competition. Come down and talk. We gonna talk or what?

Chelsea Green saw this tweet and fired back her own response saying: “No, he won’t. He will bully you from afar like he has done for years to many of us and taught his family to do.”

Lince Dorado then replied, “He know where to find me. I bought a ticket for him and bought a parking pass.” He later tweeted out, “Fuel Out of respect, my issue is the the male. No women or kids. So if you want to talk lol see you at 4. Ticket and parking pass paid for.”

It seems that there is more going on behind Izzy’s superfandom than some every thought. Her father apparently caused a bit of an issue with some Superstars and this is just now coming to light. We will continue monitoring this ongoing story here at Ringside News.

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