Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Josh Hudson’s been in denial ever since his childhood bulimia resurfaced a few weeks ago. But, in next week’s Holby City, he’s forced to admit he needs help. In an exclusive interview, here Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge – who plays Josh – tell us more…

Josh has had a busy few months in Holby City, trying to be the best new dad, partner to Ange, training partner to Eli, and first-class doctor. How has he coped with juggling lots of balls at once? 

“It’s difficult to say Josh has coped with these rising pressures over the past few months. I think he’s great at pretending. On the surface it may seem that Josh is rising to the challenge, but underneath it all he’s barely staying afloat. What drives Josh through is his self-inflicted pressure to be the person everyone expects him to be. In his mind, he’s a failure if he’s not excelling in every aspect of his life, which of course is a recipe for disaster.”

Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge plays Josh Hudson in Holby City

For weeks now, Josh has been battling with bulimia in secret. (Image credit: BBC)

What do you think caused Josh’s bulimia to resurface this time around? 

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