Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

After weeks of battling bulimia in secret, Holby medic Josh Hudson recently found the courage to open up to partner Ange Godard about his disorder. But as he takes his first steps towards seeking help, this week, it’s clear his recovery is going to prove an uphill struggle.

Having agreed to attend therapy, Josh is secretly daunted about his first group session, but is pressured by Ange (Dawn Steele) and mentor Eli Ebrahimi (Davood Ghadami) into going. 

Dawn Steele plays Ange Godard in Holby City

Ange is thrilled when Josh agrees to attend therapy to help manage his bulimia. (Image credit: BBC)

In the group, Josh meets Claudia (Lottie Tolhurst), and the pair soon form a bond as they refuse to take therapy seriously. Unable to open up about his feelings, Josh bolts out of therapy. 

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