Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Far Cry 6‘s Insanity DLC starring the infamous Vaas is finally out as part of the game’s season pass and $14.99 separately. It lets players play as Vaas in a roguelite setting using Far Cry 6‘s mechanics. This DLC comes just after the Breaking Bad DLC that was just added to the game, which further strengthens the connection between the Far Cry series and AMC’s hit show as both Giancarlo Esposito and Michael Mando are well-known actors in both universes.

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Far Cry 6 Gets Surprise Breaking Bad DLC Alongside Vaas Expansion

The Breaking Bad DLC comes in two parts and has different gear depending on the pack. The Heisenberg Bundle is 1,200 Far Cry Credits (about $12) and contains a mirror prop that references Walt’s car wash business. Players can hang this in their ride, which is the car selected from the weapon wheel. It also comes with Walt’s jacket, slacks, watch, loafers, and porkpie hats. The bundle comes with two guns as well, a pistol (which looks like the one Todd wielded in the show) and light machine gun.

Far Cry 6 Gets Surprise Breaking Bad DLC Alongside Vaas Expansion

The Los Pollos Hermanos Bundle is 1,000 Far Cry Credits (about $10) and contains gear from Gus Fring’s chicken restaurant. It comes with the fry cook visor, slacks, apron, watch, and sneakers. While it doesn’t include weapons, it does come with a 1967 Yuri 151 vehicle, which is like the truck in the show that moves meth and restaurant supplies around for Fring’s empire.

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This is not the only crossover in Far Cry 6. The game is getting some missions that mingle with Rambo, Stranger Things, and actor Danny Trejo (who was also in Breaking Bad). Trejo’s mission was prematurely added to the game, but was quickly patched out. These missions will be completely free for all Far Cry 6 players.

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