Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Reports have been swirling concerning a remake or remaster of game from the original PlayStation era. These rumblings pointed to it being Chrono Cross, Square’s 1999 (or 2000 in North America) RPG for the PS1. And now another claim from an industry insider has also backed up that Chrono Cross is that PS1 game that’s getting a remake.

The newest report comes from XboxEra Co-Founder Nick “Shpeshal_Nick” Baker by way of Video Games Chronicle. On the episode that aired on November 20, Baker started talking about this remake (around the 1:38:20 mark) and how it “wasn’t a mystery.”

Chrono Cross Remastered, I think, was already on the Nvidia leak list, so the game shouldn’t be a surprise — it was on Nvidia’s list,” he stated. “But I was told that that Video Games Chronicle article is about Chrono Cross Remastered,” he said on the latest XboxEra podcast. “What else I was told, because everyone’s working under the assumption that it’s a PlayStation exclusive, I’ve been told that it’s not. The only word that was used was ‘multiplat.’”

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The Nvidia leak Baker is referring to is from September where a whole bunch of game names were found on the GeoForce Now servers and, according to Nvidia, contains real and speculative titles. However, since that leak, a few games in that list have come true like God of War‘s PC version, but others have not (at least at this time). Baker has also had a similarly strong history as he was one of the main sources behind Ghost of Tsushima‘s Iki Island DLC that came out soon after he prematurely unveiled it. However, he also recently claimed that Sony was working on a multiplayer game with Marvel, which hasn’t been confirmed yet but also hasn’t been debunked either.

And while it has been said that Sony will announce this game, it will reportedly be a multiplatform game. But Baker said he thinks that this probably just means it won’t be on Xbox.

“Now, when I hear ‘JRPG’ and ‘multiplat,’ I automatically assume PC, PlayStation, Switch,” he said. “That’s my assumption. That’s not what I was told. That’s just my assumption. All my source said to me was ‘multiplat.’ That’s what they said. They told me it wasn’t PlayStation exclusive. But I think there’s just confusion because it says that PlayStation is set to announce it, so everyone just works under the assumption that PlayStation are announcing something that would exclusive, which they don’t always do. Pragmata isn’t exclusive. They’ve announced plenty of stuff [that is not exclusive].”

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This is not the only source pointing to a Chrono Cross remaster or remake. Aside from the previously mentioned Nvidia leak, folk singer Éabha McMahon said she “recently wrote a song for a PlayStation game with Michael McGlynn” and that it was “music for a remake of a PlayStation game.” The Chrono series’ composter Yasunori Mitsuda tweeted a photo of McGlynn and McGlynn’s daughter as they were in the process of recording, adding more fuel to the Chrono Cross Remake fire. Sony doesn’t have any announced streams or showcases so, while definitely not impossible, it’s not clear if Sony will be the party showing off this remake. The Game Awards is not a Sony event, but that big reveal-heavy show is airing on December 9.

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