Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, and director Troy Duffy are all set to return for Boondock Saints III.

According to Deadline, the third installment will once again be directed by Duffy, who also wrote the script with Flanery (with Reedus giving his input as well). Producing the film are Duffy, Don Carmody, and Impossible Dream Entertainment’s Shaun and Yvette Yates Redick. Production is set to start in May 2022.

“The fans have loved these characters for 20 years,” Duffy told Deadline. “They use terms of endearment like ‘the Brothers’ or ‘the Boys.’ We left them in jail at the end of Boondock 2 and fans want to know what happened to them. Norman and Sean have been a driving force to keep this franchise on track and break some new ground story-wise. The fans have been waiting. They literally ask about it daily, and I am really excited to be working with Impossible Dream to make Boondock III a reality.”

This might not be a finale for the series. Deadline notes that the hope is to make the series into a global action franchise similar to John Wick. The announcement comes after years of development as Flanery and Reedus previously exited the project in 2017 due to disagreements, but later came back on board.

“Where we’re going is, the brothers are older,” Duffy said of the Boondocks Saints III story. “They are coming out into a brand new world that is not like the one they left. They are at odds. One wants to continue, the other doesn’t. There’s a new enemy out there, not like the traditional ones they’ve faced. That’s the thing that is timely about this one. I asked the fanbase once, who would you most like to see Connor and Murphy kill? There were like 4,500 answers, and some were Biblical; people just don’t give you one-word answers.

“The number one answer was, politicians. I wrote a scene right now where one of them says, are you f—ing kidding? You can’t kill a politician and the other saying, are you kidding me? They’re the ones doing it. It turns out one guy is doing it much worse than everyone else. Without getting too deep into the story, what it is is two boys coming out of prison after staying there much longer than expected, to a brand new world. They’re at odds on whether to push forward. But the type of people we face today in our society, is unlike any we’ve faced before. And that brings them together and they say, we cannot turn our backs on this.”

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