Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Beth Phoenix appeared on Busted Open Radio to promote tonight’s NXT 2.0 broadcast. She talked about the philosophy of NXT 2.0 and said that wrestlers and commentators are being encouraged to be themselves.

She said, “We’re freshening up of the brand more than anything and focusing on, instead of NXT being branded as the yellow brand and the little engine that could, we’re now looking to produce stars. That’s our entire directive and our entire motivation. The matches that you see are not only just reps for these stars, but also for everybody to push the envelope a little bit. I love that we’re uncuffing a lot of the talent and giving them the opportunity to just try some stuff.

She continued, “Let us reel you back in instead of us telling you. C’mon, you have to light it up. Go out there and try different things. It’s the same thing for us as commentators. We’re being encouraged right now to be ourselves more, show more personality, and don’t be so married to the agenda and walking the straight line. It’s like, let’s just have fun out there and if we mess up, we mess up. We’re human. We don’t want to be perceived as robots. We want to bring personality and a big part of ourselves to the show.”

Beth was asked who she sees right now as having a bright future for. “I would say the ones to watch are definitely Tony D’Angelo,” Phoenix said. “Even his backstages, from the second he came on the screen, there was just a connection with the audience. He’s trending and has emojis everywhere. It didn’t take much to understand that character and get behind it. He’s one to watch for sure.

Phoenix also put over Rick Steiner’s son. She said, “Bron Breakker is undeniable. He has that energy and personality, and he’s very authentic. I feel like he’s not really playing a character. He is being himself. That again, is what our young audience really attaches to. They don’t need or want costumes.  We’re not putting on costumes. The costume helps to accent who you are, but first of all, I have to see who you are.”

WWE management is said to be high on Cora Jade and Beth feels the same way. She said, “Another one that I kept seeing people attach themselves to a lot is Cora Jade. She’s super young. She’s being herself and she’s resonating with our young audience. I saw a lot of feedback on her.”

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