Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Beth Phoenix appeared on Busted Open Radio to promote tonight’s NXT 2.0 broadcast. She talked about the philosophy of NXT 2.0 and said that wrestlers and commentators are being encouraged to be themselves. Beth’s also gave her thoughts on the real-life feud between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch:

“We’ve had big female stars before,” Phoenix said. “This is the first time where the women are featured pretty much at the same level as the men. We’re having women main event tours, PPVs, and WrestleMania. I feel like these types of conflicts have always existed, but we never had such a microscope on them. You have these two women that are these massive stars who have done everything, and their big personalities are clashing right now. It’s really easy to see both perspectives and understand like, ok, I see Charlotte’s points because Charlotte is consistent as all hell. She performs at an excellent level consistently for years. She’s athletic. She can cut a promo. She looks the part, and sometimes all those things can, like she said in an interview, rub people the wrong way.

Phoenix continued, “On Becky’s side, Becky started as the underdog. I feel that she had to scratch and claw her way, got over organically, and then reinvented herself, whereas Charlotte has been kind of the same character standing tall above the rest for a long time. So these huge personalities, they’ve always existed in the women’s locker room. We’ve always had clashes of personalities. It’s just now it’s the first time in history where we have these two women who have these massive microscopes, and I just think that’s why the conversation is so intense on either side and the fan reaction is so intense, and that’s good.”

“The whole point of this is to get people talking. They’re talking for the first time about two female Superstars going at it, and that’s the topic of conversation dominating all the media outlets. That’s what we wanted. Conflict is great. Controversy creates cash, and I guarantee you both of these women know that more than anybody.”

Beth Phoenix has released four songs from her EP, ‘Stone Rose & Bone’: “When I came out as this character (her wrestling character) that was supposed to be fearsome and dangerous, I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh by the way, I sing a little bit of Gospel and Country on the side.’ It would take away from the image. I feel like now in retirement that this is something that I can show a little bit more  Social Media is awesome. I can show that side of me, and then if I want to put on tights and be in the Royal Rumble, that doesn’t have to conflict.”

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