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Marvel’s critically acclaimed Disney+ miniseries features an all-star cast including Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. Even juicier than the performances were the shocking moments that shook the Marvel Cinematic Universe indefinitely. WandaVision may rely heavily on the sitcom format early on, but we quickly learn it’s not all physical comedy and clever jokes.

Instead, the viral series can often turn dark and even tragic. MCU fans know the love story of Wanda (Olsen) and Vision (Bettany) and how it came to an end, so no one knew exactly what was going to happen in WandaVision. The series ended up producing some of the biggest twists in Marvel history. Let’s dive into what happened inside and out of Wanda’s world.


[10] Ongoing Fake Commercials Offer Hidden Meaning


The commercials – one per episode – all include references to other events, things, and people within the MCU. Therefore, each cheeky cutaway offers a glimpse into either Marvel’s past or what’s to come. The first commercial features a toaster made by Tony Stark’s company, which also built the bomb that killed Wanda’s parents when she was 10.

The fake ad in episode 2 focuses on a watch from the company “Strücker,” which references the Hydra operative who kidnapped both Wanda and Pietro. In episode 3, the product is a Hydra Soak, for “when you want to get away, but you don’t want to go anywhere.” This could be referencing Wanda’s predicament at the time.

In episode 5, the product is a brand of paper towels called “Lagos,” with the tagline, “For when you make a mess you didn’t mean to.” This alludes to Wanda’s accident during the Avengers mission in Lagos, which happened during Captain America: Civil War. In episode 6, we see a desperate boy stranded on a desert island. At that time during the WandaVision storyline, Wanda is similarly desperate and would do anything to get Vision and Pietro back.

And lastly, in episode 7, there is a commercial for Nexus, “a unique antidepressant that works to anchor you back to your reality, or the reality of your choice.” We later witness Wanda using the product herself to cope with everything.

[9] Wanda Says Goodbye To Vision And Their Kids


There was always only one way this could all end: Wanda having to let go of the life she built in Westview. In the series finale, after learning that removing the Westview Hex means that Vision, Billy, and Tommy will all be destroyed, Wanda makes the difficult decision to remove the barrier. This means the end of her husband and two sons. The scene still has hope, however, that someday they might be reunited. The scene after the credits offers even more hope: Wanda hears her sons calling to her, likely setting up their return to the Marvel universe.

[8] Wanda Sees Vision’s Body At S.W.O.R.D.


In that infamous fifth episode of WandaVision, S.W.O.R.D. reveals footage of Scarlet Witch, AKA Wanda, “dishonorably” stealing Vision’s body from them – but she might’ve actually been saving him. As Jimmy pointed out, that would put her in direct violation of the Sokovia Accords. Equally, added Hayward, it went against Vision’s own living will. As such, he remained determined to view her as nothing but a hostile to be taken out. However, there is much to suggest that Hayward might not have been telling the whole truth and that Wanda’s actions may have actually been part of a rescue mission.

[7] “Agnes” Reveals Her True Identity


Though many had expected the reveal since Kathryn Hahn (The Shrink Next Door) was cast as simply a “nosy neighbor” named Agnes, it took seven episodes for the show to finally reveal its true villain. Wanda quickly went from being the all-powerful witch who was terrorizing all of Westview to becoming a victim herself, subject to the manipulation of another witch named Agatha Harkness. Suddenly, Wanda went from the creator of her own TV series to just another actor playing a role in one.

[6] Monica Goes Back To Westview


Hayward from S.W.O.R.D. is also responsible for urging Monica Rambeau (played by Teyonah Parris, whose career took off with Mad Men) to investigate the mysterious energy field surrounding the town of Westview, which was under the control of Wanda. Having acquired several traces of Wanda’s magic to resurrect Vision, Hayward intended to have Wanda and her family killed to cover up the Westview Anomaly. However, his plans were foiled by Jimmy Woo (Randall Park from Fresh Off the Boat) and Darcy Lewis (Dennings).

Once Wanda kicks Monica out of Westview, she becomes determined to help Wanda. In episode 6, while talking to Darcy and Jimmy, Monica admits she understands Wanda because she knows how she feels. At this moment, Monica’s eyes reveal that she’s broken over her mother’s death. She must be strong because there is a greater purpose right now.

Monica learns, however, that returning to Westview could have dire consequences because it’s affecting her cells on a molecular level. In the WandaVision series finale, she still takes that risk. Luckily, it turns her into a superhero, but going back to Westview could have killed her.

[5] White Vision Comes To Life


The tension rises when we learn of Hayward’s main project, which revolved around rebuilding Vision as a weapon. White Vision, as it came to be known, is a rebuilt “synthezoid” of the same name, whose body was reactivated by S.W.O.R.D. Having been given his mission to destroy Wanda and her recreated Vision, White Vision was challenged on his own identity, and after acquiring Vision’s memories, declared himself to be the true Vision, before departing. In episode 8, we’re treated to a glimpse of the all-white Vision in a thrilling mid-credits sequence, and the stakes escalate from there.

[4] S.W.O.R.D. Enters The Picture


WandaVision episode 4 effectively introduced the Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division, a SHIELD-analogue agency whose very existence is a closely guarded secret. Their role is, traditionally, to protect the Earth from extraterrestrial threats.

Tyler Hayward (played by Josh Stamberg, memorable in The Affair) is the high-ranking S.W.O.R.D. operative who we quickly meet upon learning of the organization. He was promoted to director after the death of Maria Rambeau (played by Lashana Lynch, so good as the new 007 in No Time to Die), whose daughter Monica will be discussed later in this article. In his tenure, Hayward focused S.W.O.R.D.’s efforts from their extraterrestrial operations onto robotics, nanotechnologies, and artificial intelligence.

[3] Wanda’s Dead Brother “Returns”


Another big reveal also comes in episode 5 when Pietro Maximoff – from a completely different film franchise – enters the picture. As Dr. Darcy Lewis (played by Kat Dennings from 2 Broke Girls) notes, Pietro has been recast. Quicksilver is no longer being played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron). Instead, it’s Evan Peters (Emmy-winner for Mare of Easttown) who shows up at Wanda’s doorstep in the episode’s closing moments. Quicksilver is walking back into his sister’s life, years after his death, and at the same time, the X-Men are finally entering the MCU.

[2] Norm Remembers His Real Life


Earlier in that fifth episode, however, Vision had to act quickly in his office setting when Norm inadvertently exposed himself to the dark reality. As Norm begins to read that fishy email out loud, the entire office chimes in without warning, reading along with him as he goes through the secret communication from S.W.O.R.D. that references the “Maximoff Anomaly.” Vision presses his fingers against the computer, zapping away the email, before turning to Norm to do the same.

Awakened from his sitcom trance, the man who’s actually named Abilash Tandon frantically begs for help. Abilash has no idea how long he’s been under Wanda’s control and quickly looks for his phone to contact his sister. Vision tries to calm him down, but Abilash starts to yell about someone being inside his head. Vision presses his fingers back against Abilash’s temples, reverting him into the clueless Norm. Vision’s stakes – and suspicions – were certainly raised in this dramatic scene, to say the least!

[1] Vision Catches On To The Fake Reality


It was during the show’s landmark fifth episode when Vision’s suspicions about Wanda and their picturesque life together really grew. And it all finally comes to a head when he returns to his office for the first time since the premiere episode. Outside of Wanda’s view, he figures out the mystery at last. With his employer having upgraded its technology, Vision helps his friendly coworker “Norm” (played by Asif Ali) test out the internet on his computer. After dialing it up, they find a very revealing email waiting for them… And at the end of that episode, Vision has a climactic confrontation with Wanda, which ultimately threatens Wanda’s own “visions” of the future.

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