Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Ahead of his 90-day non-compete with WWE expiring, the former Bray Wyatt has changed his Twitter name and he has dropped all WWE and Bray Wyatt references.

His account can now be found at @Windham6 on Twitter and his bio has been changed with the words, “Revenge is a confession of pain” and his Instagram bio reads: “Kult of Windham.”

Anyone who is looking to book him can reach out to his management at [email protected]

Windham’s non-compete expires tomorrow, which means that he can appear for any wrestling company, including AEW, Impact Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling, among others.

Windham has kept his future plans close to the vest so it’s anyone’s guess as to where and when he will show up but, as previously noted, there appears to be interest from AEW because Tony Khan stated that he would be interested in speaking with Windham when the time is right.

Windham was seen earlier today in Burbank, California alongside Jason Baker, the person who created the “Fiend” masks for his WWE run. You can see the recent photo of Windham by clicking here.

Windham was released in July and is said to be healthy and ready to get back in action so we could see him on TV very soon.

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