Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

LA Knight, formerly known as Eli Drake, arrived in NXT and immediately got to work cutting promos and proving himself in the ring. He is an exceptional talent who many fans wanted to see with the NXT Title. They might have settled for a main roster call-up instead, but neither of those things happened.

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas pays close attention to the pro wrestling world, especially around draft time. He recently dropped a new Reffin’ Rant where he stated that there was no definite winner between RAW and SmackDown during this year’s WWE Draft.

Korderas also spent some time focusing on LA Knight as he expressed his surprise that Knight wasn’t called up. LA Knight is a “license to print money” as Korderas sees it, so WWE seemingly dropped the ball in a big way by leaving him in NXT 2.0

“One thing that really got to me, picking somebody up from NXT, and yes you don’t want to deplete that roster too much, but there was one glaring omission of someone who should have been drafted to the main roster, but didn’t get drafted there … LA Knight.”

“Believe me when I say this, this guy is a license to print money once he gets called up to the main roster — as long as he doesn’t get tampered with too much — I think this guy has all the potential to be the best heel going.”

We’ll have to se if LA Knight gets his call-up sooner than later. WWE can call up an NXT Superstar at any time, not just around the draft. If LA Knight received his call-up as a stand-alone event then it might have even more impact, no pun intended.

The fact is that LA Knight trended on social media as fans begged for his NXT Title run, but that didn’t take place. Perhaps Vince McMahon will finally pull the trigger on LA Knight to see what he can really do on RAW or SmackDown. For some reason they ignored him during this year’s draft.

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