Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Jake Paul is not afraid to ruffle feathers and that includes Dana White. The two have thrown barbs at each other on a constant basis and that includes seasonal attire as well.

Paul went as Dana White for Halloween, but that’s not all. In the process, The Problem Child also alluded to the idea that the UFC head honcho is also on cocaine.

Jake Paul was very proud of himself to post a photo where he resembled Dan White with his face covered in something white. He also had something white in a bag.

Eariler this week, Dana White said that he hopes Claressa Shields knocks Paul out. That message was obviously heard loud and clear by Dana White. This also likely led to Paul’s choice in Halloween costumes.

“Happy Halloween from Dana White and his hookers,” Jake Paul tweeted out along with a picture of himself. This was quite a dig to take. So far Dana White has not responded with his own shot via Halloween costume.

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