WWE Rejected Pitch For All-Female Brand

WWE has a lot of ideas on the table, but that doesn’t mean they go with all of them. Vince McMahon hears pitches all the time, and a women’s brand was brought up. That didn’t happen, much to the chagrin of many fans and female talent.

Mickie James was released from the WWE in April. However, before she left the company, she tried to pitch the idea of the company having its very own Woman’s Wrestling brand as she explained to Sports Line.

James’ idea was not taken with as much seriousness as it should have. While she left the company without her plan coming into any development and have to take on the resistance from WWE, she revealed more about it.

I would have these conversations, especially in the last two years, year and a half, what was next for Mickie James and how do we do that? I would often say, and I had several conversations with people backstage, from writers to office to executives, where I was like, ‘Why haven’t we done Evolution again? Why has there not been a two?’ It was an incredible show, and I wish, especially because of the amount of tools that were available and the money and things that could have been as far as pushing it and developing stories, we could have utilized a lot more stuff, but the show itself was still remarkable. The girls killed it. I never want to take away from that.

Mickie added that while she was fighting hard from behind the scenes, nothing really panned out. She said that they really content for the network, and while he fight was to get the talent they had used on other ventures, her ideas were met with resistance.

I had very important conversations with very important people. I said, ‘Hey, let’s do an all-women’s brand. We do 205 Live and all these other things. We need content for The Network. We have an immense amount of talent, talent that isn’t necessarily getting used on television right now. This could be a wonderful place for them to grow and find their voice and find their way to become stars in this pocket until they are ready to come to television. We could pull from here for the female talent.’ It was met with a lot of resistance and maybe not understanding of why I was fighting so hard. I wasn’t just fighting for me and I wasn’t the only one who posed this question or went to the well. When I realized that this was the fight that I was hanging my hat on, it was unfortunate that it didn’t happen the way I wanted to in that moment.”

Mickie James recently blasted president Nick Khan. She also criticized WWE for handing over Bray Wyatt’s gimmick to someone else. After she came to NWA Wrestling, Billy Corgan has become her unlikely savior who is allowing her to actualize her vision in the form of the all-women’s show EmPowerrr.

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September 13, 2021 5:36 pm