Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

WWE and Peacock have removed the “Story Time” episode that includes a story about Ric Flair flashing flight attendants on a flight.

The clip below (aired on ESPN “30 For 30”) was narrated by Flair and includes a comment from Sting saying that he’s never seen someone with their pants down as much as Flair.

Flair’s recounting of the story claims that he walked in on 6 flight attendants and they asked to see him in his robe. Flair claimed that one of the flight attendants told him to take his clothes off before putting on the robe. It should be noted that the story being told below is likely to have been from a different time as several wrestlers have said that Flair’s antics happened for years at flights, bars, hotels and other places. Bam Bam Bigelow (in 1998) and others have been outspoken about some of Flair’s antics over the years.

Car Shield announced today that they have paused their commercial that includes Flair on them after the allegations from Heidi Doyle on Dark Side of the Ring. Earlier today, Impact Wrestling announced to their roster that they have indefinitely suspended Tommy Dreamer because of his comments on the show.

The WWE Story Time video (no longer available on Peacock) can be seen below via David Bixenspan’s Twitter account.

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