WWE Making Sure Fans Know ‘A Whole New NXT’ Is Here

WWE is re-branding their developmental brand and NXT 2.0 will soon debut for fans. There are a lot of questions backstage about what this new era of NXT will be like, and Triple H’s absence backstage doesn’t make it easier. Many NXT Superstars feel as though they are “on thin ice” as well. One thing we do know is that the “NXT 2.0” name isn’t likely going away any time soon.

Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast’s Andrew Zarian recently dropped a bit of information about NXT’s re-branding efforts. He said that the NXT 2.0 name isn’t going away any time soon. Those calling the shots in WWE want to make sure that fans know this is a different version of NXT than before.

Look like WWE will be using the name “NXT 2.0” moving forward for the time being.

“They want people to know this is a whole new NXT” – source

We’ll have to see what’s next for NXT, because there are a lot more questions than answers. Even Superstars have no idea what to expect in this situation as the show up to work, eariler than before due to this new era of NXT.

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September 14, 2021 11:50 am

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