Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Apparently, there are more changes coming soon for the WWE NXT 2.0 product.

Fightful is reporting that Vince McMahon wants the show to be edgier, from the in-ring work and aggression to harsher language. This makes sense since the reason for the rebranding of the show is to focus more on bringing in younger viewers. NXT heavily skews towards older viewers but it’s the younger viewers that advertisers care about the most and there is a feeling that the show is “uncool” among many fans.

Fightful added that there was something said about “more lenience on female character gear.” It’s not clear yet what exactly that means. Another thing stated in the report is that the show needs to “keep up with current affairs with promos and character verbiage.”

One of the knocks on the WWE product is that things seem overly scripted and it’s obvious that wrestlers are memorizing lines as opposed to the wrestlers in AEW who are just given bullet points.

This is going to be welcome news to fans that have wanted to see a harder edge on the NXT product but we’ll have to see how far they are willing to go and if McMahon sticks with this direction for an extended period of time or if he changes his mind. One of the reasons why WWE is so sterilized is because they want to present a family-friendly product that caters to kids and advertisers.

By admin