Twitter Rolls Out New WWE NXT 2.0 Branded Icon

WWE’s NXT brand might never look the same again after tonight. NXT 2.0 will be here very soon, and Twitter got started with a new roll-out of that paint splattered logo.

Fans who use #WWENXT used to see the black and gold brand’s old logo next to the hashtag. It was noticed yesterday that Twitter stopped giving that hashtag a special logo treatment. #WWERAW and #SmackDown both have specialty icons next to the hashtag whenever fans use it in a tweet.

Along with the debut of NXT 2.0, Twitter introduced a brand new NXT logo next to the hashtag. Now fans will notice that paint splattered logo of NXT 2.0 is there for all to see in their tweets.

This is likely a permanent change for the hashtag as we previously reported that the NXT 2.0 name isn’t going away any time soon. WWE wants fans to know that NXT 2.0 is a different version of NXT, the third version to be exact. Now they have a special hashtag symbol to go with it.

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September 14, 2021 5:43 pm