There is a lot of trepidation among WWE NXT stars ahead of tonight’s show

WWE kicks off a new era of NXT, which many are calling NXT 2.0, tonight with their first live episode in several weeks. The company has loaded up the show with two title matches.

There will be a new stage set up in addition to the Capitol Wrestling Center being upgraded, and a new vision for the brand. reported today that “behind the scenes, there is a lot of trepidation among NXT talents going into tonight’s taping.” There had already been stress and concern among wrestlers following the most recent batch of talent releases. The feeling among wrestlers is those “who did ‘everything they were supposed to’ and/or ‘great talents’ were released.”

The feeling from most people in NXT is everyone is on thin ice and even if they did the right thing, it didn’t matter and their runs could be over at any point with no notice. There had been a previous feeling that they were somewhat protected due to Paul “Triple” Levesque.

Triple H most likely won’t be at the show due to his recent medical emergency. This has also raised concern as there’s a feeling among some talents that they don’t know what they are walking into today as well as if Levesque’s regular team will be running the event or another group of people.

There is said to be a great sense of unease about what exactly NXT is supposed to be going forward as a product. Finally, it was added that WWE will continue to air live shows through at least this month and October.

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