Roman Reigns Says Big E WWE Title Win Was A ‘Smart Decision’

Big E won the WWE Title in Boston during RAW this week. That was a huge moment for a lot of people as Langston became the 5th former NXT Champion to capture a top title in WWE. Roman Reigns approved of this booking decision.

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Big E was on SmackDown where the Tribal Chief is currently Universal Champion. When Reigns saw Big E’s win on the red team, he tweeted out a short message that could have two meanings.

Smart decision.

Roman Reigns was either saying that Big E made a smart decision by challenging Bobby Lashley for his title, or the Head of the Table was congratulating WWE for making the smart choice of putting the title on Big E. Either way, it appears that Roman Reigns was happy with RAW this week.

If things stay the way they are right now fans could also see Roman Reigns and Big E battle at Survivor Series anyway.

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September 14, 2021 12:24 am