Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair continues to speak out on last Thursday’s Dark Side of the Ring episode that included an allegation from flight attendant Heidi Doyle that he pushed himself up against her while wearing nothing but a robe. Doyle also said that Flair tried to make her touch his genital area. Flair has denied the sexual assault allegation but he continues to be active on Twitter and he is keeping the subject in the news cycle.

Flair tweeted a link to an article by bleedingcool.com about Rob Van Dam’s clarification about what he saw on the infamous Plane Ride From Hell.

The article basically recaps what RVD said on Twitter and includes Flair’s statement on the matter.

RVD said on Twitter: “Just watched DSOTR. Heavy. Some insight for those who can handle it-

1) I haven’t seen Ric Flair’s d*ck. My comment about fans shouldn’t see him doing the helicopter was a response to DSOTR telling me that’s what they were told. They shouldn’t. I don’t want to see it either.”

RVD followed up with another tweet: “2) I said “trying to make her touch him” referring to his body crowding her space and her backing up like bad breath was in her face. I thought maybe they were playing (from seeing a similar scene at the hotel bar) but I wasn’t interested in naked Ric. Still ain’t. I tried to sleep.”

In response to the article, Flair tweeted, “A Man Tried To Destroy My Reputation Based On An Assumption. I Don’t Even Know What To Say Right Now.”

You can read more from RVD by clicking here. You can read Flair’s second statement by clicking here.

Flair has turned off replies in the tweet below but that has not stopped people from quote tweeting him and most of the tweets are not favorable to him.

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