Kofi Kingston Doesn’t Know WWE Creative Plans Until He Reads Them Online

WWE has an issue with the flow of information backstage in the company. That problem is made worse by Bruce Prichard as he restricts what Superstars can know about even their own characters.

Ringside News exclusively reported that WWE Superstars aren’t allowed to know about their own creative plans unless they are given permission by Bruce Prichard. While speaking to 106 KMWL, Kofi Kingston confirmed that he doesn’t know what to expect until he sees creative announcements on social media.

“You would be surprised. Usually, as performers, we are the last one’s to find things out. This week and last week, I found out on Twitter what I was doing on Raw. It was announced I would be in an eight-man tag team match and I was like, ‘Oh, good to know. I gotta prepare.’ Same thing last week when we had the tag team turmoil, I had no idea until I looked on social media and I saw it. If I didn’t look on social media, I wouldn’t have known until I got to the building. Oftentimes, we have no idea what the show is going to entail or what we’re supposed to be doing. Even sometimes when we do know, it always changes. That’s the bittersweet part of being a WWE superstar. If you’re somebody who needs to know exactly what is happening, when it’s happening, and step for step, you’re going to be real upset working here because everything changes. I think it’s a good thing, keeps everyone on their toes.”

Jeff Hardy also spoke about how he doesn’t know what WWE has planned for him each week. He simply shows up to work to see what they have for him.

There are a lot of things going on backstage in WWE and anything can change at a moment’s notice. That doesn’t help things in regards to the company’s policy to keep information under lock and key, because often times it simply creates more rumor, innuendo, and confusion.

September 14, 2021 2:46 pm

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