Jon Moxley Pulled From NJPW Date That Conflicted With AEW Full Gear

Jon Moxley left WWE and entered the larger pro wrestling world outside of Vince McMahon’s walls. He signed with NJPW and AEW, but Tony Khan’s company takes priority.

Moxley was scheduled for the Battle in the Valley event on November 13th. AEW changed the date of Full Gear to that same day, so Moxley is no longer on the show.

Obviously, this is an indication that AEW has plans for Moxley at their next pay-per-view. It’s unclear who his opponent will be at this point, but it might be difficult to snag another opponent from NJPW, because the company is running an event in California.

AEW moved Full Gear because they didn’t want to compete with UFC’s MSG event on that same night. There is also college football to consider, but that is a constant throughout November.

The location for AEW Full Gear has not been revealed. We heard rumors that Minneapolis is in the running, and others have reported this talk as well. We will have to see what happens with their location, but Moxley will be free to wrestle at the show after pulling out of the NJPW date.

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September 14, 2021 9:12 am