Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Fitness fanatic Joe Wicks became a national treasure when he got our little ones doing PE With Joe during lockdown. Now The Body Coach is teaming up with popular CBeebies character Hey Duggee to teach children about the importance of exercise once more on YouTube.

Blending animation and live action, each instructional video is guided by Joe and two children, encouraging viewers to join them in themed exercise routines to earn a coveted Workout Badge – and animated pooch Hey Duggee and his squirrel friends join in, too!  Here Joe, 36, reveals more… 

How would you describe Workout Badges?

The Workout Badges is a series of 13, five-minute videos starring me alongside two young kids, which are fun, entertaining, and interactive as I get thrown into this animated ‘Duggee world’. This is a great way of engaging kids in exercise.”

Joe Wicks and Hey Duggee

Animated favourite Hey Duggee is getting in on the action. (Image credit: YouTube)

How does it do that?

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