Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

I wouldn’t be shocked to learn Netflix purchased Adam Salky’s Intrusion as a last-minute Halloween acquisition from Lifetime. Writer Chris Sparling isn’t functioning on levels of horrific intrigue as proven in titles like ATM or The Atticus Institute and lacks even a grain of tension found in Buried. Maybe that falls on Salky’s failure to ensure the narrative mysteriousness throughout Intrusion remains an actual mystery, as even kindergarten detectives will have this case pinned in a matter of seconds. That’s the Lifetime element mentioned above—any genre regard is schmaltzy, overproduced, and insufficiently subtle to the point of disappointment. A glaring issue made even more prominent by an exasperating lack of spooky-seasonal scares.

Freida Pinto and Logan-Marshall Green star as a couple who endure the trauma of a home invasion and rebound on separate terms. Meera (Pinto) can’t quarter potatoes without her hands trembling; Henry (Green) insists on throwing their housewarming party despite the violent break-in. Detective Stephen Morse (Robert John Burke) records their statements and, before leaving, drops a bombshell—a missing teenager (Megan Elisabeth Kelly as Christine Cobb) is bonded by namesake to their aggressors, which connects dots that Meera can’t shake. Could smashed living room furniture and new security systems be collateral effects of something far more disturbing?

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