Gordon Ramsay’s most iconic TV Shows

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most iconic chefs to have ever existed, with many people around the world ranking him higher than many of his colleagues when compiling a list.

Indeed, the fact that he has been able to grow within the entertainment industry, whilst remaining a popular chef has helped, as he has managed to become a TV personality via a host of different shows that he has presented and been heavily involved in.

However, whilst the Scottish chef has been able to provide viewers with plenty of entertainment and other chefs quaking in their boots at the very prospect of having to cook a meal for him, there are some programs that are instantly better than others.

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
Perhaps the most iconic TV show that the British chef is associated with is his “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare” series. This program will provide viewers with a host of different emotions as there are unfortunate laughs to be had, as well as some emotional bust-ups.

The premise of the show is that Ramsay will head to a failing restaurant, examine and work out why the establishment is not doing well and then look to try and turn things around and give the owners a chance of making a success of it. This is not without some harsh truths and strict regimes, though, which can lead to fiery clashes between individuals.

Nonetheless, Ramsay shows he can be sensitive at times, thus bringing out a whole new persona from the “angry character” that many may associate him with, as he genuinely looks to try and help them go from misery to fortune.

Hell’s Kitchen
If “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” was not the most iconic TV show that Gordon Ramsay has been a part of, then “Hell’s Kitchen” would have to take the number one spot on any list that is made. For example, to highlight how popular it has been, the show has been used as a source of inspiration by NetEnt for a slot game title in 2021 which is part of the best slot collection that Unibet Casino has to offer to their players, whilst there have also been a number of entertainment skits to have come out of the show, including “Idiot Sandwich”.

The show is known for the angry persona that he “adopts”, with the Brit telling the contestants how it is and saying what he really means without sugar-coating anything.

The contestants from two teams as they compete for a job at one of his prestigious restaurants within the country across a variety of different challenges, however they will need to ensure that they do well as they will be required to avoid elimination each week. Almost impossible to please, the show is known for Ramsay’s outbursts and phrases which have continued to attract viewers.

Masterchef is a well-known show throughout the world as there are a number of different versions to have been created in various corners, but Gordon is one of the mainstays of the show in America as he has been the main judge ever since the show was created.

Again, this show – along with Masterchef Junior which he also hosts – will see a lighter side to the international chef, as he will typically be as helpful as he possibly can as the amateur chefs all look to try and win the ultimate prize and earn entry into the professional industry.

He still remains as driven and provides as much flair as possible within this show, but he is slightly mellow compared to the other aforementioned shows, which is why it has also become a truly iconic show of his.


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