Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Expect a torrent of tears from Walford’s Sonia Fowler in the not-so-distant future, as it was revealed in tonight’s episode of EastEnders (Tuesday 21st September) that her long-lost dad, Rocky, isn’t her dad, after all!

Rocky is, in fact, Dotty’s Uncle, Thomas Cotton, and has secretly teamed up with Dotty to help her get her inheritance from granny Dot back from Sonia, who has power of attorney over Dot’s financial affairs. 

EastEnders Rocky Thomas Cotton Brian Conley

Double life: Cheeky charmer ‘Rocky’ is actually Dotty’s Uncle, Thomas Cotton. (Image credit: BBC)

Sonia, you may recall, had considered giving Dotty her inheritance in advance, back in April, but changed her mind after discovering the feisty brunette had been involved in a scam at the club with Tiffany, in which the girls were charging drunken men for drinks they hadn’t ordered, and pocketing the extra cash. 

A month later, ‘Rocky’ then pitched up in Walford, claiming to be Sonia’s biological father and saying that wanting to ‘reconnect’ with her.

EastEnders Rocky Sonia

I’m your dad! Rocky had a big announcement for Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) back in May, but it turns out he was telling a huge lie. (Image credit: BBC)

The truth about his identity was revealed after he was arrested for keying a car belonging to Sonia’s two-timing new love interest, Ethan. At the police station, when asked to give his name, he responded ‘Thomas Cotton.’

Back in the square, after being released, he caught up with Dotty at the club. As she scolded him for almost scuppering their plan, it emerged the duo were working together to get Dotty’s inheritance out of Sonia’s clutches. 

EastEnders Rocky Dotty

It’s all about faamily: Rocky is helping niece Dotty (Milly Zero) to get her inheritance from Dot that Sonia has control of. (Image credit: BBC)

Brian Conley, who plays Thomas – formerly Rocky, formerly Terry Cant – talks about his character’s big secret and what the future holds as Terry continues to lie to his friends, neighbours and, most importantly, poor Sonia…

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