Bron Breaker Makes WWE NXT 2.0 Debut With A Huge Victory

WWE NXT 2.0 started off with a bang this week as they broke in a brand new arena in Orlando, Florida. This new facelift came with the immediate push of second generation Superstar Bronson Rechsteiner. He is now known as Bron Breaker, and they are strapping a rocket to his back.

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It was even said on commentary that they saw a “dogfaced gremlin mentality” out of Breaker. LA Knight and Breaker were the first match that they picked to air on NXT 2.0.

Rick Steiner’s son is now known as Bron Breaker, but it suits him. He also wore a singlet that matched NXT’s new paint splattered colors. After a competitive match, he hulked up and Breaker nailed a huge powerslam to get the win over LA Knight.

This was an interesting choice, because LA Knight was also booked in the fatal four-way match. After all, his name trended as fans called his name to win the NXT Title.

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September 14, 2021 8:17 pm

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